We have had Christmas and New Years for a long time and despite the bad weather we had a super time, the highlight being the New Years night with the band Valium led by Jim (Wil) Morrison. The bar was closed by the hockey legends Ties Kruize, Rob Feenstra , Jan van Beek and Menno Cohen.

A New Year’s memory of the group Ancion (Bob turned 50!)

Other news: Roos gave ski lessons to her 3 year old grandson Antoine and he went down like a rocket!!

At the beginning of January, the LADIES of HDM were here. They missed the young handsome men their age, but had nothing else to complain about.

On March 6 we had a karaoke night and the old-timers music was also recognized by the young people.

March 13 was an absolute highlight with the ROYAL FUNK ACADEMY, they played the roof off !!!!!!

1 of the most charming groups for the OR department of Hiversum hospital, led by Eduard.

The end of the season with a fantastic open air concert by the band.


Another novelty:

We have a very nice nanny for children and adults, named Leontien, who, together with Hans, provides ski lessons for La foret.

The Corbeau descent, which is behind La Foret, was until the beginning of March – it was very good to ski.

Did you know that La Source is back from the rental and after a thorough renovation, has been running at full speed again for 2 seasons !!!!

Annoying news is that our famous Ski Auberge is no longer functional due to the risk of collapse. After 18 years of celebration and the thousands of guests, and certainly also the staff, thank you for the great time we have had there.

We have pleasant summer with activities such as mountain bike, river rafting via Ferrata and golf for the reasonable price of 250 euros for 7 days half board (including barbeque), also special family discount planned. Make sure to book now.